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Caldo Gallego Soup

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Freshly made soup with White Beans, Spanish style Chorizo*, Ham, Potatoes, Turnip, Swiss Chard** and smoked Paprika slowly simmered in a Chicken Broth and served with a toasted Crostone.

Our Caldo Gallego Soup is Gluten Free if served without the Crostone.

Caldo Gallego: This hearty, soup is a staple of Galicia located in the coastal northwest of Spain.
Seasonal Availability

*Spanish Style Chorizo aka Cantimpalo - A pork and beef dried-cured chorizo from the region of Castilla y León, Chorizo Cantimpalo is made from coarse chunk of marinated meat and seasoned with sea salt, paprika and garlic.

**Swiss Chard (Acelga) – A leafy, green vegetable high in antioxidants, with similar notes of flavor as beets and spinach.



Feeds Approximately