A look at: Burbank Glendale Downey

Lemon Meringue Tart ☼

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Available in: Burbank Glendale Downey


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A buttery, short dough (also known as pâte sucrée) filled with frangipane* & lemon curd** and decorated with Swiss Meringue*** and lime zest.

Seasonal Availability

*Frangipane is a cream made with butter, sugar, eggs and almonds. Frangipani is derived from frangere il pane (Italian for "that breaks the bread").

**Lemon Curd is a custard made with lemon, eggs, sugar, and zest which is cooked together and then cooled to form a soft, smooth consistency.

***Meringue is a sweet icing made from whipped egg whites and sugar. This icing can be torched lightly to resemble the taste of smores.



Feeds Approximately