A look at: Burbank Glendale Downey

Turkey & Gravy Potato Ball

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Available in: Burbank Glendale Downey


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Porto’s famous Potato Puree filled with turkey breast slowly braised with mirepoix*, fresh sage and white wine and smothered with a porcini mushrooms** Turkey gravy. Breaded with a Panko coating and deep-fried to golden brown.

Available October 20th through December

*Mirepoix: A roughly chopped vegetable mix consisted of onions, carrots and celery. Mirepoix, sautéed with butter or olive oil, is the flavor base for a wide variety of dishes, such as stocks and soups.
**Porcini Mushrooms: A large wild edible mushroom with a high protein content, which makes them a great meat substitute in vegetarian dishes.



Feeds Approximately