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Wedding Cakes

Item prices are subject to change and items including designs, may slightly differ from picture shown.

We believe a couple's wedding cake should be just as memorable as their first kiss, or their walk to the altar. Since 1960, Porto's
Bakery has satisfied thousands of customers with beautiful wedding cakes, many custom-designed to match the smallest of details.

Passion and experience, just like eggs and butter, are the main ingredients our decorators use to design your cake. Imported chocolates,
the best liqueurs, and fresh fruits are merged with proven recipes and baked to perfection, resulting in moist and flavorful cakes.

Whether you are in need of some sweet inspiration or have your heart set on something extraordinary, our Wedding Cake Specialists are ready to help at our Glendale store.
Please call 818.956.5996 to schedule your appointment, or send an email to glendaleorders@portosbakery.com.

In order to serve you best, we appreciate a 72 hour advance notice to make an appointment.

Wedding Cake Flavors

White Traditional, rich white cake flavored so gently with a touch of vanilla. Spectacular when filled with strawberry cream or Bavarian cream.
Chocolate Delicious devil's food chocolate cake. Great with chocolate whipped cream filling.
Cuban An age old recipe is used to create our most popular cake. Soaked with French Brandy syrup, our Cuban cake is best paired with pineapple-custard filling, or for a lighter fare, with vanilla custard filling.
Actually, it can be successfully combined with just about every filling we offer.
½ white, ½ chocolate One layer of white cake and one layer of chocolate cake.
With our raspberry cream filling, a perfect balance of tartness and sweetness is reached.
½ cuban, ½ chocolate One layer of our magnificent Cuban cake and one layer of chocolate cake. Best with vanilla custard filling.
Carrot Moist, flavorful and absolutely delicious with pineapples, nuts, and fresh carrots. Traditionally prepared with cream cheese buttercream filling.
Black Magic With a fudge-like consistency, this glorious dark chocolate cake is a favorite of chocolate lovers. We suggest pairing with chocolate fudge filling.
Mocha Our yellow sponge cake softened with coffee flavor. Delightful with our vanilla custard filling.
Red Velvet Our latest addition, quickly rivaling the Cuban for the number one spot, is our utterly sublime Red Velvet cake.

Moist and delicious filled with sumptuous cream cheese buttercream.

Wedding Cake Fillings

Bavarian European buttercream
Chocolate custard
Chocolate fudge
Chocolate whipped cream
Caribbean coconut cream
Dulce de leche custard
Guava fruit filling
Lemon fruit filling
Tropical Mango cream
Pineapple fruit filling
Raspberry European buttercream
Strawberry European buttercream
Vanilla custard

Wedding Cake Icings

Off white light buttercream Our most popular icing. Smooth and creamy made from butter that stays deliciously soft best for decorating.
Fondant A sweet, elastic icing made of sugar, corn syrup, and gelatin that's literally rolled out with a rolling pin and draped over a cake. It's a smooth, firm base for gum paste flowers, decorative details, and architectural designs, and has a porcelain finish.
Meringue (Old Fashioned boil icing) Made of egg whites and confectionary sugar, this icing starts as a soft paste piped from a pasty bag to create latticework, beading, bows, and flowers.
When dry, its texture is hard and brittle. Best to not refrigerate.
Chocolate Fudge Creates a dramatic and delicious wedding cake.

Things to consider prior to your appointment:

  1. What's your budget?

    Know how much can be spent on your cake. Our Wedding Cake Specialist will show you all that is available within your specific price range.

    Wedding cakes are priced by the slice. The price will increase depending on the flavors and fillings you choose. The more elaborate and detailed the wedding cake is, the higher the cost.

    There are creative ways to work with smaller budgets, and still showcase an impressive cake. If your party is large, you may choose to display a two-tiered cake, and then purchase a non-decorated sheet cake which can be sliced up in the kitchen.
  2. What cake style are you looking for?

    Consider whether you are looking for a style that is traditional, ornate, trendy, simple, unique, or one that matches a specific theme.
    Of course, you can always bring in a picture of a design you have in mind. But, remember that magazines have a team of photographers keeping the cake looking perfect at all times. Our Wedding Cake Specialists will suggest a beautiful and delicious cake but may not be able to duplicate what you may see in print.
  3. How many guests will you be serving?

    The number of servings will help determine the size and number of tiers of your cake.
  4. Cake color?

    Cakes aren't just white anymore. We've created beautiful cakes in a wide array of colors.

    Another thing to consider is whether you want your cake to match or complement your wedding day colors. Many clients have brought a fabric swatch. Using a small variation of
    food safe colors, the decorator will prepare the closest possible match. Our Wedding Cake Specialist will gladly assist you in selecting something that reflects your personality and style.
  5. Flavor, filling, and icing?

    Our four most popular combinations are available every day for sampling.
    • White cake with strawberry cream filling and buttercream icing.
    • Cuban cake with pineapple and custard filling and meringue icing.
    • Chocolate cake with chocolate whipped filling and buttercream icing.
    • Red velvet cake with cream cheese buttercream filling and icing.

    If you would like to sample additional combinations please inform the Wedding Cake Specialist at the time of scheduling your appointment. When selecting fillings and icing the climate should also be considered.
    Will your wedding be indoors or outdoors? Some fillings and icings do better than others depending on weather conditions.

  6. Cake Topper?

    While not necessary for many cake designs, a selection is available on the 2nd floor of the Glendale location.
  7. Decorations?

    You may want to start considering the options available. Do you prefer ribbons, bows, stripes, dots, fresh flowers, sugar flowers, monogram, or basket-weave, scrollwork, or quilted piping techniques. Some opt for a decoration that matches the wedding invitation, or matches the wedding dress.
  8. Delivery??

    Complex cakes may not always be delivered in final form. Time and space for assembly, and even refrigeration may be required. Our delivery contractors are experienced in transporting and handling large and delicate cakes. To insure a proper wedding experience and peace of mind, delivery service should be considered. Additional charges will apply for delivery.
  9. After the wedding...?

    Tradition has it that you save the top tier for your first anniversary. We suggest treating yourself to your top tier on your two-week, or one-month anniversary. If you must adhere to tradition, wrap the cake in plastic wrap then use an airtight freezer baggie for best result. Do not use aluminum foil as it may not be airtight and will not protect against freezer burn.

    Another alternative on your one year anniversary is to order a small tier cake, decorated as the original wedding cake, at our special one-year-anniversary price.